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Luxury Villas For Rent In North Miami That Are Family Friendly

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Luxury Villas in North Miami Rentals

North Miami, FL has some of the most sought after rentals in Miami. It is located on a peninsula in the centre of Miami that is surrounded by water. The natural beauty of this area gives you a real beach feel and also provides for some of the best amenities to stay in.

North Miami neighborhood is known as one of the oldest suburbs in South Florida. It is upscale with great rentals for a perfect beach vacation. Jatina Group can help you find a vacation rental whether you’re in town for family fun, a wedding, or a corporate event.

These North Miami rentals provide access to some of the best quality beaches and oceans on Miami Beach. In fact, many of these homes are located within walking distance to some of the best beaches that Miami has to offer including Sunny Isles beach.

It’s neighborhood of Wynwood, is known for being a favorite hangout for artists and musicians. Houses in North Miami for rent are designed with this in mind and they include living areas for artists, studios for the music industry and vacations rentals for the artist crowd. Miami's biggest nightclub owners often get the best party rental North Miami has to offer to entertain celebrities in town.

North Miami is a beautiful place with much to offer. Many villa rentals are decorated with tropical gardens and views of the ocean. The rentals are an excellent choice for those who want to experience a high end vacation and be close to Bal Harbor & Sunny Isles Beach.

North Miami Houses for Rent

Jatina Group’s North Miami Beach rentals offer a wide range of options to fit your needs; Whether you’re looking for family friendly, pet friendly, or something more suited for a large group vacation. Jatina Group’s high quality customer service has been rated #1 in Miami.

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We are always looking to partner with luxury villa owners to keep our mansion rental selection growing. This allows our clients to find the perfect fit in their vacation rental search. You will attract travelers from all over the world and generate more income by joining our exclusive collection at Jatina Group.

The best part, you maintain full control over your property, we work in the background. There are no fees to join. We take your property under the Jatina Group wing and manage your property on a percentage of everything that comes in per month.

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