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Elevate your Miami vacation rental's visibility and profitability with our specialized property management services. Our expert approach targets a worldwide audience, maximizing rental income and enhancing the allure of your Miami property. Join forces with us to transform your vacation rental into a top choice for global travelers.

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Rental Management Services

At Jatina Group, we offer two distinct property management models, both designed to cater to your individual needs while ensuring your property's success. In the first model, you can choose our comprehensive management solution, where we take your property under the Jatina Group's guidance. Here, we handle all aspects of management, operating on a monthly percentage-based system, ensuring you benefit from every earning your property generates. This full-service approach aims to maximize your property's potential while providing you with peace of mind.

Alternatively, you retain complete control over your property, with our team operating discreetly in the background. This option involves no upfront fees; our earnings are purely commission-based, triggered only when we successfully secure a reservation for you.

Global Reach, Local Expertise
Our marketing experts actively promote your property across multiple platforms, ensuring it reaches millions of potential travelers worldwide.
Round-the-Clock Support
From crafting a personalized property listing to adding exclusive concierge services, we handle every detail. Our 24/7 support ensures seamless coordination with guests, enhancing their experience and your peace of mind.
Customized Commission Structures
We tailor our commission rates to align with your investment goals. Each partnership is uniquely structured to amplify your property's value and return on investment.

A Trusted Partner

For over a decade, Jatina Group has excelled in placing guests from across the globe in prestigious properties. Our homeowners have experienced significant income growth and peace of mind, thanks to our holistic approach to property management.

Villa Living Room
Vacation Property Management

At Jatina Group, we prioritize the utmost protection of your property. Our comprehensive coverage extends to industry-leading liability and property insurance, ensuring that every aspect of your investment is securely shielded. This robust protection plan is designed to provide peace of mind, safeguarding against potential risks and unforeseen events. We understand the importance of security in property management and are committed to delivering a level of coverage that stands apart in the industry, ensuring that your valuable asset is always in safe hands.

Comprehensive Management

Innovative marketing tactics coupled with exceptional guest experiences result in a boost in reservations, favorable feedback, and enhanced income.

27.5% of our reservations are direct.

  • Icon 1Large annual marketing budget
  • Icon 1 Extensive list of clients
  • Icon 1 Large Social Media Presence
  • Icon 1 Variety Of Travel Partners
  • Icon 1 Worldwide brand & travel partnerships
Villa Living Room
Villa Living Room

Owner Focused Management

Experience immediate access to up to the minute activities and financial tracking pertinent to your property.

Maintain complete control over your rental property.

  • Icon 1Real-time calendar for reserving personal stays
  • Icon 1 Clear and straightforward financial accounting
  • Icon 1 Automatic financial statements
  • Icon 1 Easy submission and monitoring of maintenance requests
  • Icon 1 Detailed records of performance metrics and expenditures
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We Generate Our Own Business

  • Icon 1Only 40% of our bookings come from OTAs
  • Icon 1 Many of our reservations are happy repeat guests
  • Icon 1 27.5% of bookings come directly though our optimized website
  • Icon 1 Preferred partnerships with hundreds of travel agencies worldwide
  • Icon 1 Over a decade of building global partnerships

Personalized Attention to Our Homeowners

We provide a true vacation home experience with personalized service. From room temperature to stocking your refrigerator, we can prepare your home prior to your arrival with any requests you may have.

  • Icon 124/7 concierge service
  • Icon 1 Personal housekeeping
  • Icon 1 Maintenance
  • Icon 1 Local team
  • Icon 1 Flexible stays
  • Icon 1 Welcome home amenity
Villa Living Room
Villa Living Room

Dedicated and Expert Management

Business growth is crucial, but so is the upkeep of your home. Our committed property management team ensures your investment is well cared for.

Thorough 167-point inspection after each checkout.

  • Icon 1Pre and post-stay walkthroughs
  • Icon 1 Security deposits
  • Icon 1 CDC & WHO compliant cleaning
  • Icon 1 Certified, insured experts
  • Icon 1 24/7 maintenance availability

Our Partners

Jatina Group has been an amazing partner to work together with. They take of everything from the housekeeping to the pool services. Thanks to them, I nearly doubled my income since bringing them on."

Miami, Florida

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