Welcome to Jatina Group

We are proud to be a beacon of luxury in Miami's high-end hospitality and lifestyle sector since May 2015. We specialize in delivering extraordinary experiences in some of Miami's most coveted locations.

Welcome to Jatina Group

Our Journey

Founded in 2015, Jatina Group quickly rose to prominence, managing 28 exclusive houses and villas in Miami. These properties represent a staggering $225 million in luxury real estate, showcasing our
significant footprint in the market

Our Philosophy

We believe in crafting moments that transcend the ordinary. Our teams expertise ensures every interaction with Jatina Group is unique and memorable. We re not just managing properties; we're
creating unparalleled experiences.

Exclusive Portfolio

Our portfolio boasts 28 exclusive properties, each a masterpiece of luxury and style. This collection, valued at approximately $225 million, reflects our commitment to excellence in luxury living. Additionally, we offer access to 50 more houses in Miami, available upon owner request, ensuring we meet every specific need of our clients.

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