Ferrari 488 Spider Miami exotic car rental

Ferrari 488 Spider

2 Seats · 205 MPH · 661 HP

Jatina Group is always striving to have the most up to date in luxury, and we do not settle for less than exceptional with our Miami Exotic Car Rentals. One of the most well known Exotic Cars is the Ferrari Spider. Sleek, sexy, and appealing. Powered by a V8, in this case, a 3.9-liter twin-turbo unit, the Ferrari 488 Spider produces an incredible 661 horsepower, along with 561 lb-ft of torque and will rocket this exotic car from 0 to 62 mph in around three seconds flat. This vehicle may fit Miami Beach the best with the Spider look and the ability to have an open top. The Ferrari Spider described as too exceptional for its own good, which is never a bad thing. Pair this beautiful vehicle with any of our Miami Luxury Mansion Rentals. Get the best with Jatina Group's Miami Exotic Car Rental Service.

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