Miami Venetian Pool

Discover the beauty of Venetian Pool in Coral Gables with this essential guide. From admission costs to special events, you’ll find all the details here. Adults enjoy reduced rates between Labor Day and November's end, while children under 12 get a special rate as well.

Remember, kids need to be at least three years old and 38 inches tall for entry. Check operating hours on their website since they vary by day and season. Note: The pool closes in December and January but offers programs like swim classes year-round.

Exploring Venetian Pool Miami

Admission to Venetian Pool Miami costs $16 for adults and $11 for children 12 years and under from Labor Day through November's end. Children must be at least 3 years old and stand a minimum of 38 inches tall to enter. The pool operates on varying hours depending on the day, season, and is closed in December as well as January.

Visit Venetian Pool Miami online for details about schedules or event bookings like birthday parties or weddings. Programs include swim classes along with summer camps suitable both half- or full-day durations tailored towards locals plus visitors alike so please check their current offerings via city’s available website updates regarding this historic Coral Gables gem! 

Unique Coral Gables Oasis

Discover a hidden gem at Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. Each day, the pool is drained and refilled with fresh water. The Mediterranean-style architecture transports you to Venice, Italy without leaving Miami.

Swim beneath waterfalls or explore grottos that stretch back 12 feet into hillsides. Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., but closed December to February for renovations. Prices vary by season; summer rates go up slightly:

- Ages 13+: $15 non-residents ($20 Memorial Day-Labor Day)
- Children (3–12): $10 non-resident ($15 Memorial Day-Labor Day)

Plan ahead and enjoy this unique oasis! 

History of this Historic Pool

The Venetian Pool opened in 1924, transforming a rock quarry into an iconic site. It was designed by George Merrick and Denman Fink to reflect old Venice's charm with grottos and Mediterranean-style architecture. The pool hosted events like swimming shows and the Miami Grand Opera Company’s debut, attracting visitors quickly.

During World War II, it became popular among soldiers' families. Despite challenges such as the devastating hurricane of 1926 that impacted Florida's allure costing Merrick his fortune its historical significance never faded making it a beloved spot for generations learning to swim or enjoying family outings.

Swimming in a Quarry Gem

Swimming in a quarry gem like the Venetian Pool offers you an unparalleled experience. The water, recycled every day, remains crystal clear and refreshing. Kept at a cool 77 degrees, it's perfect for escaping Miami’s heat.

Surrounded by coral rock formations and lush green areas, this pool transports you to another world while being right in Coral Gables. Each swim here feels special because of its history-rich ambiance and unique setting within what was once a quarry pit. You’ll not only find rejuvenation but also get immersed in beauty crafted over decades—ideal for both relaxation and marveling at nature's art.

Landmark Architecture Features

The Venetian Pool boasts striking Mediterranean Revival architecture. You will notice its arched bridges and quaint loggias which add charm. The historical coral rock formations make a unique backdrop for the pool area, blending seamlessly with lush greenery.

Elegant Spanish porticos frame various viewpoints around the pool, offering picturesque scenes perfect for photography or leisurely gazing. With towers inspired by classic European designs and stone walkways surrounding you at every step, this landmark ensures an immersive experience in historic aesthetics that is hard to find elsewhere in Miami. Feel free to explore while marveling at these beautifully maintained features from another era.

Tropical Paradise for Families

Families can enjoy Venetian Pool as a tropical paradise. The pool features crystal-clear waters and lush surroundings, perfect for kids of all ages. Enjoy spacious picnic areas with nearby shaded spots to rest and rejuvenate between dips in the water.

Lifeguards ensure safety so parents can relax too without worry about their children’s welfare. There's a snack bar offering refreshing drinks and light bites. The venue spans 820 thousand gallons of purified water sourced from artesian wells, making it safer than typical public pools. 

Understanding Entry Requirements

Check residency status at the entrance for discounts. Proof of Coral Gables residence is required. Tickets aren't sold after reaching capacity, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

No re-entry without a receipt makes planning your day important. Outside food is allowed but no coolers, alcohol or glass containers permitted; this ensures safety and cleanliness. Animals aren’t allowed except service animals ensuring comfort for all visitors.

You need to shower before swimming; outdoor showers help with that requirement easily accessible on-site. Lounge chair rentals are limited come prepared if you want one as they’re first-come-first-served basis making seating crucially planned ahead.

Planning Your Visit Seasons

For the best experience, visit Venetian Pool between March and May when it's less crowded. Summer months are busy with tourists and locals flocking to cool off. Lightweight clothing works well during spring due to warm temperatures averaging 75-85°F.

Fall sees fewer visitors but still offers pleasant weather around mid-70s°F. Winter can be cooler, ranging from 60-75°F, making it ideal if you prefer a quieter setting without large crowds. Planning your trip according to these seasons ensures an enjoyable time at the pool regardless of whether you seek relaxation or adventure in Miami’s historic oasis.

Waterfalls and Grotto Wonders

Waterfalls and grotto wonders: Experience the magic of cascading waters at Venetian Pool. Relax under the refreshing waterfalls or explore hidden grottos, adding a touch of mystery to your visit. The crystal-clear water offers an inviting escape from Miami’s heat.

Dive in and feel rejuvenated as you swim through these natural features created within this historic pool setting. Take photos near the waterfalls for memorable moments which impress friends on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Enjoy being surrounded by lush greenery while soaking up serene views ensuring every moment spent here is enjoyable making lifelong memories at Venetian Pool's unique attractions.

Relaxing Amidst Palm Landscapes

Find calm under tall palm trees at Venetian Pool. Let the shade and breeze ease your mind. You can relax on comfy lounge chairs as you soak in the sun's warmth by clear waters.

Enjoy views of lush, leafy landscapes while sipping cool drinks from poolside vendors. Feel free to dip into refreshing water when it gets too hot; it's always a joy here. Don't miss this serene spot amid Miami’s busy life.

It offers peace that's hard to find elsewhere, perfect for unwinding after exploring vibrant Coral Gables.

Exclusive Jatina Group Experiences

With Jatina Group, you can book exclusive experiences throughout Miami. Attend private events with VIP access that will be sure to make for an amazing trop.

Their packages may include catered meals and special amenities like reserved cabanas for ultimate comfort. Guided educational sessions about Miami's history enrich your visit further while personalized photo ops allow capturing memories in a grand setting. 

Visiting Venetian Pool in Miami offers a unique experience. You will find stunning architecture, crystal-clear waters, and rich history intertwined into one breathtaking location. Plan ahead; the pool's popularity means it can get busy quickly.

Arrive early to enjoy a serene swim or explore its charming grottoes and waterfalls without crowds. Families will appreciate designated areas for both kids and adults alike. Don't forget your sunscreen!

As you unwind by this beautiful oasis, you'll understand why it's a top destination for locals and tourists alike.