Top 10 Best South Beach Restaurants You Should Visit

Best South Beach Restaurants

South Beach has a reputation for its vibrant nightlife scene—clubs full of bottle service and late-night partying—but it's also home to the best restaurants in Miami.

Finding the best South Beach restaurants can take time and effort. Some people may never know if some are only in business because of wandering tourists or because they actually serve good food. 

Living here also means regularly getting messages from family and friends asking where they can eat. But luckily for you, this guide can make things easier! We listed some of the best spots you can recommend or visit yourself!



Carbone is a much-talked-about Italian restaurant in Miami Beach. It's quite expensive here, but you would probably find the food worth it.

Since its expansion to Miami Beach in 2021, dining here has become a way for people to determine if they genuinely have a passion for food. Since the New Yorker reported that NYC's always-in-demand Carbone moved the party to Miami, getting a table here has been more challenging. 

It's a place that exudes a joyous atmosphere—perfect for anniversary dinners, milestone birthdays, or special celebrations. Indoors, you'll take in a stunning view of an almost overwhelming collection of elements that elevate this restaurant's vibe. You'll find a garishly ornate crystal chandelier, bright green banquettes, sherbert-colored curtains, and chartreuse paint.

The bar perfectly combines old-school and upscale, with plush barstools and lights illuminating everything. But if you prefer a less flashy setting, you can ask for alfresco dining, where the hedgerow creates a cozy atmosphere.

If your family and friends constantly ask you if the food you tried was worth it, you should order spicy rigatoni vodka. Everyone will ask you about it! And, well, you just might tell them how you can't get enough of it.

From there, you could keep things going with the baked clams, the big hulking rib covered in sweet peppers, and the linguine vongole. These are just our top picks. Really, you can get any of their pasta, which you might find the best ever.

Stubborn Seed

Stubborn Seed

Are you a fan of Top Chef and the irresistible food they cook? Well, here at Stubborn Seed, Top Chef alum Jeremy Ford's seasonally driven restaurant, you just might find what you're looking for.

Stubborn Seed features an eclectic menu of American dishes that taste as good as they photograph. Make sure to practice your food photography skills! 

But you don't have to worry if you're not into all that. Their eight-course tasting menu is a testament to the outstanding chef who pours every detail of his culinary experience: meticulously plated dishes that surprise, delight, and amuse.

Ready to elevate your experience? Order the Silver Dollar old-fashioned! It's a DIY cocktail with ingredients that arrive on a silver platter for diners to assemble themselves.



Macchialina, a laid-back Italian restaurant, is well-liked for its menu that features seasonal ingredients and blends classic cooking techniques with modern flavors.

It's a secluded place that offers a rural and cozy vibe and is a top pick among locals seeking a break from the chaos of South Beach. If you're looking for a location with an authentic, relaxed atmosphere and delicious food, then this is the best South Beach restaurant for you!

Starters include their renowned and locally made burrata cheese served with pickled eggplant. Their small selection of pasta dishes hits all the tasty highlights. Make sure to try their rib lasagna—customers have proven it to be good!

Macchialina is not as expensive as other restaurants in South Beach. But if you want to save more money, we suggest booking your table on a Thursday, when most pasta dishes are just $10 all night long.

Kissaki Sushi

Kissaki Sushi

If you're looking for the almost impossible in this area, high-quality sushi at an affordable price, then Kissaki Sushi is the best South Beach restaurant for you!

Originally from NYC, this establishment provides reasonably priced omakase in an attractive, lounge-style setting. But instead of trying so hard to be authentically Japanese, Kissaki shifted to a fusion menu for a more lively dining experience.

The atmosphere resembles a mix between a club and restaurant, with soft music, dim lighting, and high ceilings creating a spacious feel in the 3,000-square-foot dining area. It's an excellent place for easy conversations with your family, friends, and partners. 

While you can choose dishes individually, it's best to trust the chef's selection. Their seven courses, priced at $94, could be considered the top omakase bargain in Miami. However, if you're up to trying more, you can opt for the 15-course menu, priced at $185, which includes three appetizers, ten pieces of nigiri, a hand roll, and dessert. 

Among the top bites you can enjoy here are white fish encircling a grapefruit segment topped with black truffle, corn on a crispy seaweed wafer with tuna, caviar, and truffle, and diced wagyu on brioche with caramelized onions.

The nigiri portion of the evening consists of tuna, white fish, and uni, usually accompanied by sauces that incorporate Latin flavors typical of Miami, often flambeed tableside. Dessert here is also torched, a French toast-like treat with a soft center topped with sugar and caramelized to create a crispy exterior.

Miami currently offers a myriad of top-notch omakase options. However, Kissaki's ambiance and innovative menu offerings at reasonable costs could potentially make it a preferred dining spot. So make sure to visit!


Lucali Miami

Lucali's location in Sunset Harbour, known for its pizza and wine, is always very busy. The limited menu of pizza, salad, two desserts, minimal options, and above-average prices do not prevent daily crowds from visiting. It’s a great brunch spot that not many can resist!

If you want to really understand the irresistible allure of Lucali, with its expensive and packed atmosphere, indulge in their classic pizza, topped with complimentary basil, the top-notch kale Caesar, and the delectable Nutella dessert pizza dusted with powdered sugar. You'll discover why Lucali's one of the best South Beach restaurants!

Queen Miami Beach

Queen Miami Beach

If you're willing to pay for all the extravagant luxury that comes with great food, then you might just fall in love with Queen Miami Beach.

Following a $40 million makeover of Miami Beach's iconic Paris Theater, every part of Queen's extravagant luxury seems tailored for theatrical effect.

Outside, the Art Deco theater showcases a plush red carpet underneath a dazzlingly bright marquee. Inside, a curved hallway with a golden hue leads to a dining room with a prominent light fixture that appears as though it could transport everyone at any second. The balconies are private dining areas, and a large golden eye now sits where the stage used to be, overseeing comfortable banquettes. 

The excessive nature of everything extends to the employees, especially the hosts, sporting golden capes that fan out like superheroes as they guide you to your table. Some employees enhance the show, such as the beautiful woman wearing a boat captain's hat whose sole duty appeared to be taking pictures for selfies.

Luxurious renovations that cost millions of dollars, blending a nightclub ambiance with an elaborate food selection, typically do not produce the highest-quality meals. But it's different here in Queen. You'll enjoy their dishes while immersing yourself in the grandeur.

Byblos Miami

Byblos Miami

If the bold scents of the Eastern Mediterranean are what you're looking for, Byblos Miami is perfect for you. These scents at Byblos' bar, located on the first level of this stunning two-story building, call out to locals and tourists alike. 

The restaurant aims to bring back traditional Levantine dishes with a modern twist, offering family-style flavorful meals. This same approach influences their cocktail options! Check out the spirit-infused cold tea trolley on the tableside—it is the beverage program's most sophisticated and attention-grabbing part. Order it, and everyone will be envious! 

Here, you practically experience an adult version of a tea party with a vintage Persian arrangement! The Edgware Road cocktail, made with London Dry Gin, citron vert tea, Moroccan mint, and lemongrass, is particularly refreshing.

Orilla Bar & Grill

Orilla Bar Grill

If you're looking for steakhouses, Orilla Bar & Grill on Fifth Street is your best option. This trendy restaurant is like a chameleon—it's technically Argentinian, but it offers a variety of dishes like Milanese chicken, wagyu cheeseburger, and bucatini in red sauce. It is located in the heart of the lively South Beach scene, attracting a fashionable and energetic crowd without the expensive cost.


Planta Miami Beach

Gone vegan? We've got something for you too! David Grutman's third restaurant, in collaboration with Chase Hospitality Group from Toronto, serves vegan dishes, juice cocktails, and veggie sushi that closely resembles traditional options. 

Unlike the expensive Komodo or laid-back OTL, Planta offers a diverse, accessible, and budget-friendly menu that might entice you to visit frequently. You will barely notice the absence of cheese in the flavorful queso dip, which has carrots and potatoes instead of dairy, and you will enjoy the authentic corn taste in the accompanying fresh chips.

The pizzas, especially the Frenchie with arugula and mushrooms, have a doughy yet crispy texture that won't make you feel bloated like traditional pies. They are also available in a gluten-free option! Make sure to try the fresh-pressed juice cocktails, too, such as the Aloe Views with real aloe vera, similar to a healthy, bubbly mule, and vegan desserts.



Looking to enjoy Andalusian gin and tapas? Head on over to Española Way. The group from downtown Miami's popular local bar, Lost Boy Dry Goods, has expanded into the restaurant scene with Tropezón. 

Its trendy location blends seamlessly into the South Beach pedestrian mall, emanating a Mediterranean vibe with sparkling lights. 

The restaurant's name, "to stumble" in Spanish, is based on Spanish village bars where elderly men play cards and women chat while drinking sherry. The indoor-outdoor space is now available for dinner and late-night drinks, exuding old-world charm with old movie posters on wooden walls and jamón legs hanging from the ceiling.

Randy Alonso and Chris Hudnall, who established the restaurant together, aim to create an atmosphere reminiscent of Andalusian cuisine and hospitality. They reflected this in the menu, featuring classic dishes such as tortilla Española, gazpacho, and patatas bravas with pimento sauce and salsa verde. However, some dishes break traditional norms satisfyingly, such as the boquerones fritos and fried anchovies served in a crunchy tempura coating that is charcoal-colored.