Lamborghini Aventador Spider Miami exotic car rental

Lamborghini Aventador Spider

2 Seats · 217 MPH · 729 HP

Brutally powerful and obscenely flamboyant, this Aventador rental is unburdened by reality. Crazy expensive and crazy fast, its capable of amazing performance without feeling like its going to spin out into a ditch, which is refreshing in a supercar. Our roadster has a 6.5-liter 730-hp V-12, a 7-speed automated manual transmission and all-wheel drive. For the ultimate, the Superveloce has 740 hp and a claimed top speed of 217 mph. In our testing, it did 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds. Our rentals features include two gauge displays for instrumentation and navigation, sport seats, carbon fiber interior and exterior pieces, and a selection of five different alloy wheel options. As with most exotic cars, the ​Lamborghini​ can be customized with a wide array of different interior and exterior color choices, seat upholsteries, and brake caliper colors. Driving the Aventador requires a come-to-god moment, wherein you reconcile its razor-sharp looks with its 3,700-pound curb weight and paddle-shift transmission. Its lightning-bolt quick in a straight line. On the streets, the ISR transmission can be rough, even in Strada mode. Its slow to engage, resulting in a herky-jerky take-off from a stop. Swap to Corsa mode and the shifts become lightning fastand hit-by-a-bus brutal. The happy medium lives in Sport mode, where the shifts are quick enough to be comfortable, but not so violent. Cycling those same modes also helps its ride smooth out: its always rather stiff, but not always objectionably so.

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